How to remove non-ascii characters from string using SQL

In the EDI components of my work we are frequently exchanging data with customers that is perhaps not the best of quality. In particular there are cases where we get non-ASCII data in our transfers. In truth we probably should be able to handle these data values but today we cannot - mostly because there is nothing above ASCII 127 that we need to make use of.  So... we need a solution to clean this data before we inject it into our process.

In a five minute search of the Google I couldn't come up with anything that solved this problem so here is what we are presently using - perhaps it can be of assistance in the future to someone else.

create function ASCIIClean(@myString varchar(max)) returns varchar(max)
    declare @myNewString varchar(max)
    declare @index as int
    select @index = 0
    while @index <= len(@myString)
        select @myNewString = isnull(@myNewString,'') +
        case when ascii(substring(@myString,@index,1)) < 127
        then substring(@myString,@index,1) else '' end
        select @index = @index + 1
        return @myNewString

So now we have a nice function that will clean these strings up for us like this:

select master.dbo.ASCIIClean('329   ú   330  333  334  336  ú  336X  ')

So... in full honesty this will replace anything above ASIIC 127 with nothing... to some this may be a problem.. so use with caution.

Happy coding to you all.
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