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mediaSync is a Windows tool designed to help sync an iTunes library with a portable music player - or anything with removable media for that matter (USB drive). It is designed for true two-way sync of media additions/removals - and to do it quickly. If you have not checked this free product out and are frustrated by other "sync" solutions on the market why not give it a go?

In the latest build of the product ( I resolved some issues that a user reported with regard to proper playlist generation. There were cases where some tracks were not properly being added to playlist files - oops.  Additionally I have added some more debug logic that can help us figure out what is happening if a sync does not work as you may desire.

Thank you for your continued support and happy sync'n.

To download the latest version just click on the project page at austinhenderson.com and follow the links to download the installer package.
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# Kevin
Friday, January 27, 2012 5:39 PM
This program is GREAT! It does almost everything I was looking for! One quick question, when I import my playlists, not all of the album artwork is imported. Is there a remedy for this that you are aware of?
# Austin
Monday, February 6, 2012 3:58 PM
@Kevin - First off thanks for the encouragement. I like the project... I think it works well and does what it advertises. We would love any "love" you can show us on Facebook or twitter or even DoubleTwist forums : ) to help spread out mission.

As for the artwork.. this is an odd one. The artwork is actually part of the file that is transferred over in the file.. in other words it isnt a unique part of the system... it just "is" with the file.

My product makes sure the files on both sides are structured the same so this tells me that it isnt that there is something wrong with the artwork being missing but more llikely something with the way it is perhaps encoded in the meta-data of the file.

To get this started I think you would have to send me one of the media files that are not showing artwork on the remote device. If the artwork shows here then my guess is you may want to try a different player.

If you dont have a player I always direct people to the amazon mp3 application. It has a fantastic integrated store and when you purchase on your phone mediaSync will push the files back to iTunes for you automatically - a win win.

Let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with beyond this, and thanks for your support.
# Kevin
Monday, February 6, 2012 5:40 PM
Hey Austin,

Thanks for the reply, I actually figured out what the problem was. For some reason when iTunes generates album art, it isn't automatically embedded in each song.

My solution was to use the "Get Info" option on a particular song, go to the "Artwork" tab, right click on the album art there and choose "Copy Image."

I then highlighted every song in that album, right clicked for "Get Info," copied the image into the artwork window, and that did the trick!

Additionally, when iTunes can't find artwork, the copy image process works with any image found online, such as CD Universe or Google Images.

It took some time, but it was well worth it, my ipod is now obsolete thanks to your program!

My wife and I have both been telling anyone we know with an Android phone about MediaSync (and the increased speed available with a donation of course: 4,000 songs transferred in just a couple hours to a class 4 microSD card). We can't thank you enough for such a powerful and easy to use program.


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