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If you have ever wanted to build an automated dialer or text messaging system but dont want to sink a lot of time or money into it you have to try the services of Twilio.com. There are all sorts of neat things you can do with it, and if know a bit of SQL I can get you started in about five minutes using twiSQL. twiSQL is a set of user defined functions that are enabled through .net CLR which add significant functionality to your SQL server.  In short this library will make your SQL server place phone calls and send text messages in a single line of code.

Thanks to the generous contributions of an donor in the process I have some new features to release today regarding twiSQL. If you are a current donor and want to get your hands on the new version just send me a message and I will be happy to get you the updated version for testing and use.

New Features
  1. There are now x86 and x64 native versions of the DLL. In some situations I found a rare situation that would occur which SQL server wasnt very fond of. Part of the remedy for this was to build native versions for x86 and x64.
  2. A new method exists that allows you to place a call and verify a human has answered the call. This is accomplished by asking the caller to press a digit to confirm they are on the line.
  3. A new method exists that allows you to place a call, verify a human is on the line and give them the option to be bridged to a live agent (other number). This is very helpful for say a doctor who needs to give patients the opportunity to change a scheduled appointment.
  4. A new method exists that allows you to place a call, verify a human is on the line and give the call recipient the option to leave a voice mail which will be emailed to the address of your choice.
These enhancements are the result of interactions with users of this library around the world. Please keep your feedback coming and I will continue to evolve the process to meet the needs of the user base.
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