In my professional experience have been greatly blessed to work on projects that have been both challenging and exciting. My goal with these pages is to give short summaries of the projects I have been a part of. If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, etc about these please let me know.

Technologies: .net WebServices | iGoogle Gadget | DOTNETNUKE | Google Maps
As part of the service suite offering of most transportation providers load tracking may sound like a strange thing to be absent from our organization, but for a number of years our business model did not really demand this sort of access, and as such it had never evolved. In recent years the ever changing demands of our business partners have driven us to adopt new technologies and push the envelope of what is possible (more)

Technologies: .net WebServices | iGoogle Gadget | DOTNETNUKE | OCR | Windows Apps
In most organizations there are quite literally millions of documents sitting in filing cabinets and boxes around their various facilities. At my current employer we are certainly no exception to this rule. Each department has countless pages of material - some of which it is essential we retain. There are quite a few document imaging systems on the market so why you ask did we invest time and energy in developing a system of our own? (more)

Technologies: .net WebServices | Windows Applications | Boomi Integation Platform | X12
EDI : Electronic Data Interchange - While organizations have been following a given set of "standards" for decades - it seems that everyone has their own interpretation - or set of expectations surrounding these standard document exchanges. In my experience in the transportation industry this was for years a constant pain in our business model.  We were constantly fighting one off solutions for specific customers asking for changes that did not fit into our mold. The result from years of this behavior was an unstable and often broken model that resulted in loss of partner confidence. Considering the rapid expansion we were experiencing in this area, we arrived at a simple decision that our existing interface model would not sustain the organization and that an entire re-auth of the process was in order. (more)

Technologies: SIP | QOS | XML | POE | Asterisk | Shoretel
VOIP is a a technology that makes the convergence of voice and data onto one network possible. More and more organizations (and consumers) are adopting one or another form of this wonderful evolution of communication. There are plenty of off the shelf options on the market and depending on your budget, patience and functional need the "right" fit can be a relative choice. (more)

In transportation knowing where your assets are located is critical to running an efficient operation. Real-time tracking is a requirement of most shippers regardless of the commodity they are moving, and many back end business processes find their origins in the data produced by tracking mechanisms. EDI, detention notices, predictive scheduling and proactive late delivery notifications are just the beginning of what can be done once a solid positional system is in place. In my experience I have been blessed to concentrate a significant amount of time and energy into developing not only the processes around the data but the actual process to acquire the data. (more)

Organizations depend upon their technology teams to move and protect the data they rely upon to conduct business. In my experiences this challenge has been a fun and rewarding concentration. I have implemented and managed nationwide networks and replicated, co-located data centers. (more)

As a department we identified a very real deficiency the capabilities of our web presence. The current site had little to offer a visitor aside from dated static pages of sales and marketing material. In addition to reaching out and attracting new business partners we felt that we were falling behind in our ability to be proactive with our existing partners using on demand technology. We previously developed a few Google gadgets but nothing that carried with it the weight and flexibility of a full interactive web resource. (more)

As an organizations develops applications to solve business problems they often end up with authentication silos. A series of mechanisms that are used to control access and manage authentication - each most commonly self contained within the respective application. The problem with this methodology is that it gets cumbersome to manage and provision as well as generally a frustration to users. (more)

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