As a department we identified a very real deficiency the capabilities of our web presence. The current site had little to offer a visitor aside from dated static pages of sales and marketing material. In addition to reaching out and attracting new business partners we felt that we were falling behind in our ability to be proactive with our existing partners using on demand technology. We previously developed a few Google gadgets but nothing that carried with it the weight and flexibility of a full interactive web resource.

Beginning with the end in mind we developed a gameplan that included selective access rights, self-provisioning capabilities for employees and rapid application / reporting development cycles. After reviewing a selection of CMS products on the market we landed on the open source .net project DOTNETNUKE. DNN is a mature CMS product that carries a very attractive price tag and a hefty team of support folks through forums and commercially available support.

What followed was an aggressive schedule for interface design and application development. We developed applications for load tracking and document imaging, which would be default provisioning resources for all business partners, as well as a few one off applications at the request of specific partners. Employees were given access to view benefit enrollment, pay history and vacation balances. We managed to leverage the power of social media through Twitter and YouTube integrations and our blog became a mechanism to communicate with both our business partners and employees. The final step in this process was to migrate an extensive set of classic asp reports and applications into this new framework.

The upgraded web presence has paid rich dividends in partner and employee accessibility. With the ability to rapidly deploy solutions to meet the needs of any partner at any time we are agile in our offering and are second to none in responses to demand.  If you would like to discuss these items in greater detail please reach out to me.

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