In transportation knowing where your assets are located is critical to running an efficient operation. Real-time tracking is a requirement of most shippers regardless of the commodity they are moving, and many back end business processes find their origins in the data produced by tracking mechanisms. EDI, detention notices, predictive scheduling and proactive late delivery notifications are just the beginning of what can be done once a solid positional system is in place. In my experience I have been blessed to concentrate a significant amount of time and energy into developing not only the processes around the data but the actual process to acquire the data.

From a hardware perspective I have ten years of managing and developing automation procedures using the Qualcomm transportation platform devices. I have actively developed business processes running on nearly 1500 devices ranging from early generation OmniTracs and OmniExpress units as well as newer MCP devices using both terrestrial and satellite modes of communication. 

From the software engineering side of this area of concentration I have worked a great deal in the evolution of business processes that are driven by the data the above hardware can provide. Solutions authored from the ground up are:

  • Circle of Service - Forms based solution to automate the arrival and departure of stop events where data collection is mandatory.
  • Automated Arrival and Departure - Totally automated process using geo-fencing to detect arrival and departure events in operations where no data needs to be collected.
  • Record Geocoding - Automated process to geocode customer addresses as they are added to the system in real-time using multiple sources to sanitize the data control files.
  • Proactive Late Delivery Notification - Business process that takes action and drives notices of loads that are not going to meet scheduled delivery times.
  • Proactive Detention Notices - Business process to drive notification of impending billing of a detained driver as the detention is occurring.

The above processes were designed and authored to interact closely with the TMW PowerSuite and TotalMail suite of applications. These solutions have been key components and building blocks to enable many customer specific implementations that have shaped our business over the last ten years. I truly feel blessed to have been involved in building and shaping these processes.

If you would like to discuss these projects in greater detail please feel free to contact me.


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