twiDial is a mobile application developed for Android and iOS devices which enables a mobile phone to place outbound calls from any device using any Twilio phone number or other verified caller ID value. The app has several use cases which can be challenging to implement on a budget using existing products on the market. The primary use case is a professional looking to place calls from behind a number which generally routes inbound through another means. 

- An on call doctor who desires the caller ID to be their office number.
- After hours support teams who wish to keep personal cell phone numbers private.
- A small business owner who wishes to place localized calls in multiple markets.
- Anyone looking to place a call using a number other than their cell number.

Because of the robust infrastructure provided by Twilio numbers can be obtained in many international markets and calls can be placed at very reasonable per minute costs. Setup of the app is quick and easy by following the simple steps below.

Basic Setup Process

- Visit and create an account. 
- Purchase at least one Twilio number.
- Twilio costs are per minute transactions. You must add a credit card and setup the recharge levels.
- Optionally verify caller id numbers associated with other phone numbers (Ex. office, home, etc)
- Retrieve your Twilio AuthID and Token - these are like username and password values for the Twilio API.
- Visit the proper app store for your device and install twiDial.
- Use the Settings icon in the app to configure the app.

Required Settings
- AuthID - very long string accessed in your account.
- Token - very long string accessed in your account.
- Your cell phone number. This is used to bridge the call through
- Outbound Caller ID - Setup any number of verified caller id or Twilio phone numbers to dial from.

The basic idea of how the app works is that first Twilio will place a phone call to your phone. Once you answer and confirm your desire to be connected that call will be bridged to the "dialed" number using the caller id value chosen. 


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