Have you ever wanted to define an alert on a windows system to send you a text message or place a telephone call under certain situations? twiCLI is a simple and easy to use command line tool built to integrate with the service offering of Twilio.com. In short this project will allow you to make telephone calls and send text messages from the command prompt of any Windows machine. The project is delivered as a portable .net application and is supplied with the necessary documentation to get you up and going in a few minutes.

Included in the current build of the project are mechanism to:

  • Send Text (SMS) Message - Asynchronous call to Twilio.com API to send text message.
  • Place Telephone Call - Supply the number to call, the text to say and the gender to read it in. The application will make the call to the Twilio.com API and place the call as requested. If you prefer you can provide a public URL to an MP3 file to play when the call is connected.
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Using the project is simple... to make use of the app place a command line call like this:

Example – Place a call using female voice
twiCLI.exe –cf: <11DIGITS> –ct:<11DIGITS> –cm:”This is the message to say to you.” –id:<TwilioID> -at:<TwilioAuthToken> -dt:p –sg:f
Example – Place a call using male voice
twiCLI.exe –cf: <11DIGITS> –ct:<11DIGITS> –cm:”This is the message to say to you.” –id:<TwilioID> -at:<TwilioAuthToken> -dt:p –sg:m
Example – Place a call playing an mp3 file
twiCLI.exe –cf: <11DIGITS> –ct:<11DIGITS> –cm:”http://mysite.com/say.mp3” –id:<TwilioID> -at:<TwilioAuthToken> -dt:p
Example – Sending a text message
twiCLI.exe –cf: <11DIGITS> –ct:<11DIGITS> –cm:”This is my text message” –id:<TwilioID> -at:<TwilioAuthToken> -dt:t


The project is free to download and use with one restriction - it is speed limited to five seconds per function call. As a token of my appreciation those that choose to donate $50 USD to the cause will receive an uninhibited download to remove this speed restriction.

This project, like all future projects, is being release with one financial goal in mind - the adoption of our daughter. If you would like to read more about this check it out here. Please consider sharing this link in effort to get the word out. The cause is good and the product works - please consider donating.

This project has been a lot of fun to put together, and I hope it is of use to others. Telephony integration does not have to be hard, and while the current build only implements a limited subset of the Twilio.com API the basic features are here to build a simple auto-dialer or notification delivery mechanism for any size business. If you need additional functionality that isn't presently supported let's talk about it and see what we can come up with to solve your problem.

Copyright © 2020 Copyright 2010 by Austin Henderson
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